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Current Forecasts

Dow curve for 2014, (early assessment)

2013 Forecasts on China. See subscriber emails #47, #49, #58, #67, #69, #69a, posted here

Soybeans; possibilities into 2014

Gold, 2013 to 2020

June 2013. Thoughts on the real estate cycle position and the influences currently at play,
in particular for Australia, at June 2013

Thoughts on how 2012 ended, and moving into 2013 and beyond. (video content)

Dow curve for 2013

July 18, 2012 market update to subscribers; The state of markets

May 7, 2012: Report to subscribers

October 1st, 2011: What the hell's going on this year, 2011 and into 2012

Information to help judge the passing of a real estate low. Nov 2010

Speech to the Australian Investment Association, Melbourne, Feb 9th, 2010
Thoughts on market direction going forward

Regulatory repeat, Jan 4, 2010, guarantees us yet another real estate cycle

Thoughts on market direction going forward, November 7, 2009

The crisis was not first and foremost a financial crisis, it was a land crisis.
Banking reforms cannot fix this issue. October 2009.

The current GFC is proof that the economy is working... Australian Investors Association Jnl, May 2009

i98 FM radio interview: Sydney March 2009, with Andy Huxton

Business Times, Singapore, February 9th, 2009: New positive spin on Singapore's real estate sector

This financial crisis is a predictable cyclical downturn. How do we know where we are in it?
(MoneyWeek UK cover article)

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