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Follow up Gann class sessions

Presentation to the UK Gann group, London, March 23, 2012:
From John Carter, author of Mastering the Trade and co-founder of Trade The Markets.
A wonderful session of general market wisdom, trading techniques and tactics.

Gann follow up class, held in London, June 9th, 2011:
Discussion of time frames and numbers from a vedic astrology basis. Lecture gvien by Gordon Brennan,
Education Secretary of the British Association of Vedic Astrologers. There is no question Gann
involved himself in this aspect of study but as to how much, it is not yet quite so clear. Nevertheless, this was a wonderful
session from Gordon, including moon times and the 18.6 cycle, and it generated some very interesting later discussion.
Preliminary introduction by Phil as well.

Gann follow up class, held in London, May 9th, 2011:
A discussion of the gold and silver events of the month, analysing the market price and time. Importance of time counts and
counting forward. Discussion of Armstrong's ECM and dates for June 2011

Gann class follow up session, held in London, April 11, 2011:
A discussion of some useful trading indicators to help us overcome our trading emotions. Indicators to help us identify highs
and lows and market extremes

Gann follow up class, held in London, March 21, 2011:
A discussion of dates, counts and the market for the year going forward

Class held November 8th 2010, London: Passive Income 101: the Stock Market:
Finding co-operative charts, Making the chart work for you

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