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What We Do

EIS will provide you with a framework in which to better understand current market, banking and property related events.

With this framework:

  • you will then find it suprisingly easy to go on and make far better investment decisions and at times accurately forecast the next events to happen...
  • you will understand how the property market moves and why, and definately be able to successfully forecast its next move...
  • you will understand how the stock market moves, why it moves as it does, and then know when to precisely move into and out of stocks, with confidence...
  • be able to far more appropriately digest the "noise" thrown at you by all the other investment commentators and newsletters.

This is what we teach. And it comes with a money back guarentee: if after 30 days you feel we are not living up to the above framework, we will, without question, refund your subscription, in full, no questions asked.

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Here is what members get, once they subscribe:

Members get;

- an email from me when I have something to say, that is designed to consolidate what can be learnt from the website and our books and e-books. Past emails are posted to the site, here:

- The EIS specialty is to show members how the economic system works - and it is quite scientific - so that they can answer any questions about the system for themselves and as a result make better investment decisions appropriate to their own interests and circumstances. I show members why we absolutely MUST get a repeat of the economic cycles, and why it happens in rough 20 year repeat time frames, and the order in which this will happen, within the cycle.
and see 'the 18-year real estate clock'.

Testimonials we get - always unsolicited - attest to the usefulness of the information

In particular, I show real estate people why it is important to understand the stock market, and I show stock market people why it is important to understand real estate. There is no one else in the world doing this.

- All information goes on-line, and new subscribers have hours of listening, if they so desire, especially to past subscriber sessions, posted here:
plus access of course to all the other material with the 'orange' arrowed buttons. (Green is the free stuff)

- We also offer investment mentoring for members if requested.

- EIS has also now redesigned our classes. You will find these classes to be the best in the world for both real estate and understanding W.D. Gann, taught by people who are investors themselves and market traders.


What Economic Indicator Services Ltd (EIS) does NOT do:

EIS is not a financial services provider.

EIS does not provide financial product advice, does not deal in a financial product, does not make a market for a financial product, does not operate a specialized scheme, and does not provide a custodial or depository service.

EIS has no plans to offer such services in the future.

In particular, EIS does not offer investment advice in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

For Australian residents in particular, should you require such advice, we suggest you contact a licensed financial dealer appropriate to your circumstances.

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