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A study of Gann's 18.6. Session held Feb 28, 2012

Glenn Kuppe's talk to the Tuesday session, May 17th, 2011:
A wide ranging, very useful discussion about Government and Fed interventions in markets, interesting thoughts about Gold
and Silver markets, 60 year cycles in Wheat, past cycles in the SPI, quick discussions of options, and then the recent GFC.
After listening to Glenn's presentation and discussion, I strongly advise a rehearing of the class presentation given by
Stephen Smith, March 15th 2011; time cycles in gold, which detailed the importance of the time counts coming into April 2011.

BAVA workshop, April 17, 2009:
Phil's workshop to BAVA: the practical application of counting degrees to assist market traders take profits from the market
Probably the most informative (public) outline of the Gann method that I have ever given. The workshop outlines Gann's emblem,
the square and triangle inside the circle and from where this originates, shows Gann's beyond-belief 1929 and 1932 forecasts
for both the all time high of 1929 and forecast for the bear market 1930's lows, a forecast made years in advance, details a
little of how gann might have done this, then applies this same procedure to the 2009 gold market forecasting a major high
in gold for 2009, (which is what happened) then applies Gann's knowledge to stocks and how this can help trading. The
recording was produced by the BAVA organisation and has been condensed slightly with much of the periodic sliences
removed. The recording may sound a little 'jerky' at times, for want of a better descriptive word, though this does not take
away from the quality of the presentation.

BAVA presentation, April 18, 2009: Timing the Stock Market
Phil's presentation to BAVA, Combining the stock market and property: An historical and explanatory tour around the
property clock. And noticing too, the market nervousness expressed in the price of gold and oil in preparation for late 2009

Astro causes of financial cycles:
A presentation given by Geoffrey Pearce of the London School of Economic Science to BAVA, April 19, 2009
Absolutely fascinating discussion of cycles, starting with the structure of creation, the universal principles of forces, then
moving onto a brief highlight of some of the larger cyclical timings, then analysing / pulling apart Phil Anderson's book
The Sercet Life of Real Estate and Banking in terms of the 18.6 year cycle of the moon (Rahu and Ketu transiting the zodiac)
influencing US booms and busts. Highly esoteric material. Very much a discussion of causes. As regards that 18.6 cycle,
you can clearly see the forecasting possibilities here... Exciting stuff.

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